LARCs work.

In seven years, access to these effective contraceptives have dramatically reduced Colorado’s
unintended pregnancy and abortion rates.



LARCs change lives.

Helping women get access to the most reliable and effective forms of birth control helps families and our community. It is well documented that due to the systemic barriers they face, women who experience unintended pregnancies often have poorer health outcomes for themselves and their children, struggle to and often do not complete school, have difficulty advancing their careers and need to rely more on public assistance. Allowing more women to choose the most effective and reliable birth control has secured a healthy future for thousands of Colorado women and their families.


LARCs save the state of Colorado a lot of money.

Pregnancies averted through Colorado’s efforts have resulted in a savings of between $66.1-$69.6 million in public assistance costs over a five-year period (2010 through 2014).