A woman, along with her partner and her family, must have the ability to plan her future.  In order for a woman to reach her highest potential, she needs the opportunity to determine when she pursues an education, a career and a family.  

  • There is a direct correlation between the availability of birth control and women’s presence in the workforce. In fact, access to birth control is associated with increased educational opportunities, resulting in greater skilled employment opportunities for women.
  • Nationally, 61 percent of women who have children after enrolling in community college fail to finish their planned degree (national campaign).
  • Colorado women with a bachelor’s degree or higher earn 77% more than Colorado women with a high school diploma or equivalent. (The Women’s Foundation of Colorado)
  •  Because of Colorado’s skilled workforce and its modern economy, higher education pays off. Women in their 20s with college degrees earn as much as $20,000 more per year than women with high school degrees (highered.colorado). 

Key Question

Why is funding for this program necessary now that we have the Affordable Care Act?

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