Teenage Pregnancy

Women facing unintended pregnancy are at a greater risk for a number of social, economic, and health problems–regardless of their age. Teen mothers, in particular, often face insurmountable odds affecting their education, income potential, family dynamics and more. They bear financial responsibilities and other for their babies that their peers do not. Their children are at risk of both immediate and long-term health issues, and challenges to their overall development and well being can be impacted as well. 

This program has had an enormous impact on teenage pregnancy in Colorado.

  • The birth rate among low-income women ages 15 to 19 who lived in the counties with Title X agencies dropped 48 percent (CDPHE).
  • When long-acting contraception became more readily available in Colorado between 2009 and 2014, the abortion rate fell 48 percent among all women ages 15 to 19 (CDPHE).
  • Nine of 10 teen moms who received a LARC implant before leaving the hospital after delivery did not get pregnant within two years (University of Colorado School of Medicine study).
  • Between 2009 and 2014, the number of teens with repeat births (giving birth a second or third time) decreased by 58 percent (CDPHE).

Key Question

Why is funding for this program necessary now that we have the Affordable Care Act?

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